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October 3, 2010 / Muhammad Yasin

Flavor Of The Week 10-2-10: Weekly Roundup

Flavor Of The Week is a roundup of articles that I found interesting during the prior week. Being the geek that I am, most will generally be tech related. But I reserve the right to wander totally  off-task and post something completely unrelated. When you get done reading, you should add your own Flavor Of The Week links in the comments section. I will repost them on twitter… minus blatant spam. Enjoy!


Recently I have been thinking a lot about doing data analysis on the best time to release blogs posts on twitter. This report really drove home the importance of that actually completing that project. With only 60 minutes to make an impact, you had better make every tweet counts.


Although I’m a blackberry user, I’m not totally convinced about this product. I’m also not really clear on what their distribution model is. Without 3G/4G it will be an awfully hard sell through wireless carriers… which is where I’m used to buying blackberry products. I’m going to reserve judgment until I see it in the wild.


The uber-crowded URL shortening arena just got even more crowded with Google bringing its considerable muscle to the market. They may have arrived a bit late, but I have a feeling this will eat up a LOT of market share very quickly. If you’ve given it a try, let me know what you think of it.


Kanye gets hacked, song leaks, feelings are hurt, threats are made, G.O.O.D. Friday goes on a day late.



Tweeteorites “scans favorites from Twitter users and builds “favorite streams” of what a person’s friends are favoriting.” The interface is still a little rough. however, the feature I love is the “Ego Boost” tool which shows you which of your tweets have been favorited. Once they fix their server instability, I will be adding this to my toolkit of free social media resources to monitor your content effectiveness.


What do you have to share?

Muhammad Yasin


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