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October 10, 2010 / Muhammad Yasin

Flavor Of The Week 10-9-10: Weekly News Roundup

Flavor Of The Week is a roundup of articles that I found interesting during the prior week. Being the geek that I am, most will generally be tech related. But I reserve the right to wander totally off-task and post something completely unrelated. When you get done reading, you should add your own Flavor Of The Week links in the comments section. I will repost them on twitter… minus blatant spam. Enjoy!


1) Social Media Startup Kit For Small Business


In response to droves of social media questions I have been getting from small businesses and entrepreneurs, I wrote a guest post for the great folks over at Roundpeg, A marketing firm serving the Indianapolis small business community. Give it a read, learn stuff, share it with your network, contact me to write for you.


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2) Gap Rebrands With Appalling Logo, Interwebs Revolt


Corporate design phoned it in this week with two absolutely atrocious rebrands. Gap claimed that their new logo was, “more contemporary and current”. Apparently their marketing team is woefully out of touch. A few days later, after being roasted on the interwebs, Gap announced a “crowdsourcing” campaign to find a new design (read: we blew our rebrand budget and want to steal good ideas for free).


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3) WTF?! + #megafail = New MySpace Logo


With a design choice rivaling the insanity of Gap, MySpace announces a new logo so bad that everyone I showed it to immediately thought it was a joke. One Twitter user posted, “This is not an Onion article: MySpace’s new logo is My______”. This is another example of how far out of touch with reality MySpace has become… sad really.


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4) Facebook Adds New Features


Facebook has been on a bit of a roll this year rolling out upgrades. The new features have gotten a lot of press. I’m on the fence at the moment, but excited to see if they can pull off the idea of social CAPTCHA. Do you think the upgrades are a win or a yawn?


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5) Awesome Map of Online Communities Base on Influence

Fictional map of online communities


I’m a big infographics geek and found this uber-interesting. Flowing data is right that, “It’s most interesting when you compare it to the 2007 map where MySpace, Yahoo, and Windows Live ruled the land.” My oh my, how things change. Makes me wonder how long Facebook will be able to stay on top.


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6) Social Media: The New Frontier of Crime


Crime is not new to the interwebs, but there is a definite lack of coverage regarding it. Kit Eaton, one of my favorite tech writers EVER, wrote a great story for Fast Company. Read it, really, I ‘d love to hear what you think.


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As always, don’t forget to share your own #flavoroftheweek link/comments below. I will retweet.

Muhammad Yasin


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